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This young man could be the real life James Bond. He currently resides in Australia, in a quiet little, out of the way city, called Adelaide. And although he takes on the alias of "Brad Martin", a university student, one only needs to look at his past to see the evidence begin to form a convincing case.

Records indicate that he performed military service from the mid to late 90's, and although he is not currently a serving armed forces member, there is no record currently of him ever being discharged from such service to the government. Just glancing at his passport shows an extensive amount of international travel within the past two years.

These facts alone seem harmless enough, however, there is further evidence about this shady individual to show that he was in the vacinity of a government building when it was bombed in 1994.

was this man trying to intercept the bomb at the time?

The photograph above was handed to us by a person who refused to be identified. And although the location the photo was taken remains a mystery, our team of experts who viewed this photo agree that the gun is real and that it is a make and model known as the "Walther_PPK"!

There is video edivence of him meeting with the Duke of Edinbrough in 1992 where he remained in his royal highnesses presance for over 20 min. No members of the public were allowed in, and there was a great security presance. After the meeting, Prince Philip and this individual left the building by seperate exits. This has raised speculation about his involvement in world wide international affairs.

Under the pesudonym of "Brad Martin" this man now traveles regulary to Flinders University of South Australia. When his academic record is examined it is recorded that "Brad Martin" is a Majoring in History. However, a former Premier of the State currently works at Flinders University in the Histrory Department. Surely this can be no coincidence. Do we realy beleive that the two could work in such close proximity and never have met. It is also worthy of note that This University is one of the most centralised and advanced of it's type in the world. With computer resorces that could shame NASA and an alarmingly large archives, our team of experts agree that this place could be used as a front, for a spy network!

Is Brad Martin a secret agent? Perhaps we will never know, but there is one thing that he has admitted publicly for years which can not be ingnored. He does enjoy a good Vodka Martini. "Shaken, Not stired"!!


Brad Martin: Who is he????????????????????????????