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Thanks for staying!

I must say that I am somewhat surprised that people would stay on and continue with Bradtrek! Especially after the first page!

None the less I am gratefull!

I do wish to say a big hello to all my friends in the USA! However, when I see you all again, I do not intend to repeat my little performance of dancing in the fire for your entertainment!!! It hurt! A lot!! OOOWWCH!!! But apart from the 2nd degree burns and the bloody mosquitoes, doing a USA summer camp was the best fun I ever had and I would recomend the experience to anyone!

Below we see the result of dancing in a fire.

OK. So who am I?

I am an Australian university student. I live in the quite little city of Adelaide. I have a job as well but I can't tell you what it is over the net for security reasons. (but from that comment you can probably guess)!

I enjoy Drinking, Cricket, Motor racing, Drinking, playing golf, Drinking, partying, going to the movies (only the good ones, mind!), Drinking, mountain bike riding, surfing the net, Drinking, and Drinking! I would like to be able to find more time for Drinking but that would probably eat into my Drinking time!

By the way, I don't need to drink to have a good time but it sure helps!

In all seriousness. I would have to recomend Adelaide to any international visitor. Whilst here you can visit our points of interest during the day, and go clubing at night. (perhaps I should have said go to some clubs at night. We don't have many people hunting baby seals around the streets at night)!

Adelaide has the most nightclubs / poulation in Australia. We are only just ahead of Perth, and beat the hell out of Melbourne!

So come see us some time. (we need the Money!!!!)

Go on!!!!!!

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