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Yes this bit has not been finished yet but I thought that I would stop for the mo so that my buddies, Guy and Chanele could check it out.


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.....ER........WELL......... A BIT!

Yes I can cook! I think! The fact that people normally sugest "take out" as soon as I enter the kitchen does not sway me at all. Perhaps I should be more honest and say that I am capable of burning stuff! The photo abouve was sent to me by an American family that I stayed with in 1998. I made them Meat Pie Floaters. They were very nice to me and said that they liked it, they even ate it all,....... Stupid Americans!

One of my favourite past times is clothes shopping. This may sound strange for a guy, but I can't beleive some of the crap people wear. T-Shirts that say "Celebration of a Nation 1988" are just not good. For christ's sake people, throw that junk out and treat yourself to a nice new tank top from "Big W".HA HA HA!

But so you don't think I'm a total ponse, lets talk about sport and beer.

Many people ask me what my favourite beer is. I don't know why my opinion is so important to them on the subject, but I always tell them "Linenburg Ale". It's an American Beer, but the closest thing we have in Australia is a "Coopers Pale Ale"! Since we cant get a "Linies" down here make mine a Coopers Pale thanks!

Cricket is the most cofusing and insanely idiotic game in the world. This is probably why I love it! What other game can be played from 10am to 6pm for 5 days straight and still have no winner? There is nothing like the beggining of each summer when the first games start. I have never been the best player of the game, but I still give it a bash! Anyone who does not like it can leave the country. To dislike cricket is to be Un-Australian!

A little bit of National pride never goes astray!