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OK. Now for the high brow,and controvertial, serious bit! I don't like smoking! It is an ugly habit and a great burden on your tax bill, via the public health system. It also turns healthy beautiful people into ugly people.(thus the top picture).

Probably one of the worst things about going to a pub or club is comming home smelling like an 'ash tray', and even after you have a wash the next day you can still smell smoke in your hair. I'm sure no one finds the actual smell pleasurable, not even smokers, or else there would be perfumes and colones that were tabacco smoke scented!

But seriously, if you look at the pics below you will see some of the health problems associated with smoking. I took these images from the Australian Quit smoking campaign, web site.

Now let me tell you that I have an alteria motive. I'm trying to get all of my smoking friends to quit. So if I have referd you to my web page and you smoke, guess what?! I'M TELLING YOU TO STOP!!!!

I realise that I am the biggest hippocryt in the world as I used to smoke. But I soon stopped when all my friend told me off. Hey the power of posative peer presure is a wonderful thing.

But I'll stop now, because It's time to continue the "Bradtrek"!!!!!


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