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I must say that comming face to face with a bear was quite a shock. This happened to me when I was at camp last year!

There I was, hard at work one night, doing some reports, while my friends were out having a great time. It was 3am and I was sick of the sight of paper work. My monotony was soon to be interupted by a loud crash, from outside. Egar for any excuse to procrastinate, I decided to investigate.

I snuck out of the Arts 'n Crafts building, where I had been at work, and crept with trepidation, around to the Kitchen dumpster, since that is where the noise came from. I thought that it was one of the kids, out for a late night vandelisation!

My trip was interupted by some folks returning home late, and a little under the weather, if you get my meaning. (You know who you are!) Upon informing them that I heard a noise they instantly decided that it was a good idea to form a lynch mob and create a lot of noise.

I got rid of them and continued to search for whatever it was. Just when I thought that it was a lost cause I came around a corner and found myself face to face with a Big Black Bear! It was about the same size as me and only 12 feet away. I'm not going to tell you what happened next but I will say that it was a good thing that I had BROWN underwear on!!!


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